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Compulsory Information From Your Isurance Intermediary Of Article 11 PD 190/2006


General Information

The company named " I.KANELLOPOULOS & PARTNERS " and distinctive title «IKAP Marine Insurance Brokers», provides insurance brokerage services, licensed by the Professional Chamber of Piraeus with Reg number 108 552 0353975695 VAT and subject to GIT A Piraeus. It has offices located in 60 filonos st, 18535. Tel. 2104122975 supervised by the Bank of Greece.

The company has no involvement, direct or indirect, in the capital of another insurance enterprise carried on in the share capital there is no participation, direct or indirect, of another insurance company, engaging in market control. provide impartial analysis and is not bound by any insurance company.

Insured, policyholders, beneficiaries, consumer associations and any interested party may submit a written complaint to the Bank of Greece by insurance or reinsurance intermediary acts or omissions that constitute violations of existing legislation on insurance mediation.


Insurance Mediation Services - Advice under fair analysis

The company "I.KANELLOPOULOS & PARTNERS" maintains its independence when providing insurance mediation services and provide advice and information to consumers in order to impartial juxtaposition and data analysis based on the experience of its staff, so in accordance with professional criteria to be able propose and prepare the insurance contract that meets customer needs.

The insurance mediation services provided by the "I.KANELLOPOULOS & PARTNERS" start by taking all of that information to us given the potential insured to draw correctly completed questionnaire which will then put into the insurance business. Then all previously designed the comparative cost-benefit analysis for insurance solutions offered by the market and their presentation on insurance coverage.

In this context, our company has created the website and www.ikap.gr to inform internet users for both products marketed and on insurance conditions. The online information is in no way a concrete proposal for any such under insured, and should come in contact with us and to complete the customer needs form to proceed with procedures that concern him. Only so we can give detailed offers and comparative tables to related and cover each particular case.

The "I.KANELLOPOULOS & PARTNERS" does not accept insurance applications, appreciates and accepts insurance risks and does not promise generally neither assumes obligations binding on the insurance companies with which cooperates. The acceptance of insurance applications, appreciation and acceptance of insurance risks as well and commitment with respect and within the insurance product chosen,made by the cooperating insurance company that provides.

For any additional information please contact us.

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