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Home Insurance

Your home, large or small, it's your property, your basis, your base. But threatened by various risks (fire, earthquake, theft, natural disasters, etc.).

The best way to protect it is to choose your plan between the Insurance programs:, ‘Simple Cover, Safe House, All Risks’. the complete protection that suits your personal space.

Our proposed Programs ‘Simple Cover, Safe House, All Risks’ creating the most comprehensive proposal of Market in the area of main and holiday protection residence.

Some of the distinguishing features of the new programs, but also the philosophy reflected as follows:
  • Differentiation according to the use of the residence. Creating a special product for the country - secondary residence with conditions, coverage, premiums, exemptions that are best suited to it
  • Provide different coverage levels where the person can choose the extent of insurance coverage according to the desired cost
  • Diversification of insurance costs beyond the coverage level and the age of the property, whether it is flat or house but also the method of payment
  • Unified earthquake insurance costs for Greece
  • Common security costs in the coverage levels with common building coverage - Contentli>

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