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Crew Deductible

These type of policies cover the obligations of the shipowner to the seamen emanate from
  • International legislation such asIMO, ILO, mlc2006
  • National legislation such as seaman’s social security, named oikos nautou.
Crew health and accident insurance or so called ‘deductible of P&I Club’ covers is designed to meet the requirements imposed by legal requirements providing the covers of personalised medical benefits, injury cover, death in service, sick pay, repatriation. For the owner, it also provides crew replacement cover and can be extended to include employees group insurance.

RETURN ON Investment would be calculated
  • (PEME) Pre-Employment Medical Examination - from specific P&I club to limited crew nationalities
  • repatriation and substitute expenses
  • administrative costs
  • Legal advises


Specialist vessels P&I often excempts the claims for personal injury & death of the crew.
Laid up vessels for the min requirements of the crew.
NOTE: THE 1996 Protocol amended the 1976 Convention for Limitation Liabilility for ships up to 2,000 tonnage 
to the limit of 2 milin SDRs in respect of loss of life or personal injury for crew and stevedores. (the limit was 33,000 SDRs).

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