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Marine Professional Liability

Marine Professional Liability are tailored to address the specific needs of vessel operators. In addition to the basic hull, cargo and P&I coverage, many insurers have specialty policies for, among others:

  • stevedore liability
  • wharfinger (wharf owner) liability
  • terminal operator's liability
  • ship repairer's liability
  • shipbuilder's liability
  • charterer's liability

These specialty policies cover different exposures specifically related to the nature of each industry.

In addition to these traditional marine policies, many insurers are beginning to offer what is called a 'marine general liability' policy. This combines a traditional 'commercial general liability' policy with other coverage that is specific to the marine industry, such as P&I coverage, or different legal liability coverage. While these policies address the unique needs of vessel operators, it is important to watch out for insurers limiting the policy coverage which would normally be expected from a commercial general liability policy. So, while a marine general liability may look like it is providing typical commercial general liability coverage, it may in fact have many limitations on the insurer's possible exposure to liability.

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